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Q: How many titles can I check out at a


       You can check out 10 titles at a time.


Q: How long is my check out period?

    The default check out is 21 days but you can go to your

       settings and change it to 7 or 14 days.


Q: Can I renew a title?

    If the title is not being held by another user you may



Q: Can I reserve a title?

    Yes. If you go to your settings you will notice that the site

       will automatically check out the tile to you once it

       becomes available. If your are at your checkout max you

       will receive an email asking you how to proceed.


Q: What apps do I use?

       OverDrive is the original app and is still functioning.

       The newest one-tap app is Libby. The last app is for

       Adobe which is the Adobe Digital Editions.


Q: how do I listen to audio books?

    You can download the title to your device of choice

       through the Libby App or the OverDrive App. You also

       can stream the audio book through your Internet browser.

       See the getting started with OverDrive Listen guide for

       more information.


Q: What is overdrive read?

       OverDrive read is a browser-based eReader that is

       compatible on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

       See the guide for more information.


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