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Q: How long is my checkout period?
A: The default checkout period is 14 days. If you choose the "Add to Checkout List" option instead of the "Checkout Now" option the service will allow you to shrink your checkout period to as few as 1 day.

Q: Can I renew a title?
A: Yes! Log onto your account and look for "Items on Loan" list. You will receive an email if t

Q: What devices can I use?

A: All IOS devices runing on 7 or later; all Android devices running on 4 and later; kindle fire devices. There will also be a new app for PC's.

Q: Can I reserve a title?

A: Yes titles can be reserved and you have up to 3 days to check out the tiles once you receive a notice that it is available. Once your 3 days are up and you have not checked the title out it will go to the next person on the list and you will have to reserve it again.

Check out here for a PDF with more FAQ's.









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